• Beginner Course

    Beginner Course is a program of 3 days without accommodation and 3 nights 4-day with accomodation.

    Accommodation will be in Dalyan Sunface Hotel for accommodated programs.


    With this initial training which is also known as 'Beginner Course', it is aimed to make the ones who meet with the sport of windsurfing for the first time, to have the skill to perform this sport at beginner level. Although the result of this training is only up to the student, with a little effort and desire, many people have good results.

    It is enough for the trainees to be healthy for this sport and to know swimming. Everyone over the age of 14, healthy and knowing how to swim can participate in our courses. The differences of Beginner Course from the one-day basic training are that, the duration of the theoretical and practical training are much longer, together with progress to be taught, most importantly, practical olanığının is much longer than that, the basic movements and techniques which will be trained during improvement and the possibility of much longer period of practicing, as the practice is very important for improvement. One day Basic Training Meeting is mostly considered as meeting and studying.

    Pick up Hours

    Sarıgerme 08:00, Dalyan 08:00, Göcek 08:30; Koycegiz 09:00


    Without Accommodation Price Per Person: 349 TL

    (117 Euro, 98 GMP)

    Included in Fee;

    Accommodation 3 night - 4 day and hotel transfers,, Pick up, Professional Guidance, Equipment, Lunch (snack menu), Certificate, Insurance and KDV


    Drinks, Photo/Video, Extra expenses

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    • * Being between 7-65 years old.
    • * Knowing swimming good.
    • * Having no health problem.

    * Our guide may make changes in the tour program according to unexpected weather and road conditions provided that running with the program as far as possible. Our agency is not responsible for delays that may occur as a result of failure of participants to comply with the hours given by the guide during the tour. Our agency is not responsible for tours that could not be performed due to bad weather and force majeure before and during the tour. Our agency can not be held responsible for inaccurate and incomplete statements of participants about age and health status.

    * If there is not a sufficient majority in number of participants, Extathlon's right to cancel the tour with a one day prior notice is reserved.

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