• CMAS 1 Star Diving Course

    CMAS 1 Star Diving Course is a 4-days program, without accommodation.

    Diving boat will sail from Fethiye harbor. Theoretical training will be held in the hotel and practical training will be held in the pool and sea for 4 days.


    In your practical underwater studies, you will have extensive studies on, communication signs used underwater, how to put on the material, water entry techniques, underwater descending techniques, the points to be paid attention for breathing, how to use buoyancy stabilizing hardware, how to take the regulator enabling to breathe in and out of your mouth, how to share the air with a friend, how to remove the water from your mask if enters and how to put on and pull off the mask underwater, how to use the palette more accurately, how to put on and pull off the independent scuba diving equipment under and above the water, simple first aid and rescue skills, the points to be paid attention on diving boat and to take care of yourself and environment. Practical underwater skills will be taught to you by shallow water studies and a total of 5 underwater sea diving.

    Adequacy of Document

    The diver who has successfully completed the training and awarded the 1 star diver ID will be informed about the theoretical issues of diving, can put on and pull off all of the diving equipment in accordance and dive and use them correctly underwater. He/she will become a diver who can dive open water accopmanied with a 3 star diver or a diving trainer. Diving depth limit of 1 star diver is 18 meters. Night dives are forbidden.

    Pick up Hours

    Öludeniz:08:15, Hisarönü:08:30, Fethiye:08.45, Çalış:08.30


    Price Per Person: 499 TL

    (170 Euro, 139 GMP)

    Included in Fee

    Pick up, Teoric Training, Training Book, Patent Fees, Diving Record Book, Kargo, Pratic Training, equipmwnt and sea diving (5 Diving), Lunch (3 day), Insurance and KDV


    Drinks, Photo/Video, Extra expenses

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    * And at least graduated from primary school to be over the age of 14.

    * Document parental permission for those under the age of 18

    * Knowing swimming good.

  • * Drawback if you make scuba diving training file will be put on the health declaration form filled in by.

    *Our guide may make changes in the tour program according to unexpected weather and road conditions provided that running with the program as far as possible. Our agency is not responsible for delays that may occur as a result of failure of participants to comply with the hours given by the guide during the tour. Our agency is not responsible for tours that could not be performed due to bad weather and force majeure before and during the tour. Our agency can not be held responsible for inaccurate and incomplete statements of participants about age and health status.

    * If there is not a sufficient majority in number of participants, Extathlon's right to cancel the tour with a one day prior notice is reserved.

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